who we are

Bounce Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization focused on rescuing and transitioning displaced domestic animals into their ideal homes. Bounce places heavy emphasis on quality veterinary care, nutrition, spay/neuter programs, education, and compatible adoptions.


To rescue and transition displaced domestic animals into their ideal homes. 


Leading rescue innovation by adding significant value to the lives of animals and the community. 

Anneliese Collins, Executive Director

Anneliese has been operating as the Executive Director for Bounce Animal Rescue since September 2016. She graduated from Colorado State University with a double major in Biological Sciences and Zoology, and has worked with numerous Colorado animal-welfare organizations, including the Denver Zoo. As a collaborative leader in the rescue industry, Anneliese is a member of the Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition and Animal Welfare Association of Colorado. She is an advocate for pit bulls and bully breeds, implementing stricter spay/neuter laws, and lobbying for animal welfare rights.