Corporate Sponsorship

help make a difference

Join Bounce’s growing list of awesome sponsors!  There are so many ways to impact the animals within our care.


This package was named after Flower, who came to us after she had been shot. Without the generosity of our donors and partnered veterinary clinics, Flower might’ve not had a chance. After several months of care, Flower made a full recovery and has remained within the Bounce family, as her foster home adopted her in August 2018. How lucky are we to be a part of such miracles?


This package is named after the honorary dog, Miracle. Miracle was found in an abandoned house nursing a litter of kittens. Her compassion and generosity to those in need has forever stuck with us. Miracle was adopted in November 2018.


This package is named after powerful Peanut. Peanut came to us from a kill-shelter with her three nursing puppies. When we later found an orphaned chihuahua puppy being given away on Craigslist, Peanut didn’t bat an eye at adding her to the crew. All while raising this tiny family, she underwent double medial patella luxation (MPL) surgeries on both her knees. Peanut’s vivacious and strong will to succeed helps to motivate us daily. Peanut was adopted in February 2018.


  • Agreed upon marketing item (email blast, social posts, print collateral at an adoption event are just a few examples).
  • Sponsorship on our website
  • Employee contribution plan*
  • Company match plan**
  • Event sponsorship***


Everything included in the Flower package plus:

  • One-hour employee and/or customer puppy event
  • Name and sponsor a puppy litter



Everything included in the Miracle package plus:

  • Marketing flyer in all adoption folders
  • Sponsor an agreed upon event

* Employee Contribution Plan: 

An employer may setup the ability for employees to contribute to Bounce through the employees payroll.  Just take the amount that the employee would like to contribute each payroll period and send a monthly or quarterly payment to Bounce.  This may be deductible to the employer as the contribution is done with after-tax dollars for the employee. We would be happy to work with the payroll company, employer, and employees to get this setup.

** Company Match Plan:
An employer can setup the ability to match employee contributions, to a maximum amount, using the payroll contribution specified above or after the employee shows documentation that they made the contribution to Bounce.  Bounce will provide any documentation necessary to the employer for this match. And, the employer may be able to deduct this match from its taxes.

*** Event Sponsorship:
Bounce has events that need sponsors.  If a company would like to be a sponsor of one of these events, please contact us and we can work out the right event for your company!