Board Director – Position Description: Fundraising & Events

 A Board Director of non-profit Bounce Animal Rescue (Bounce) is a very important and visible position. You would commit to fulfill the responsibilities of the role as outlined below. You would commit to leading Bounce in partnership with the community and staff and leave Bounce better than it was when assuming the position. You would commit to maintaining knowledge of Bounce and have a personal commitment to its Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Goals.


As a Board Director, you would commit to:

  • Conduct Board business in accordance with the Bylaws of Bounce.
  • Regularly attend Board meetings and other important events.
  • Is an active participant in annual strategic planning efforts.
  • Make a time commitment of at least 10 hours per week.
  • Work in partnership with the Executive Director to accomplish the goals of Bounce.
  • Be a connector to people, resources, and ideas.
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments, completing them thoroughly and on time.
  • Escalates issues to the Executive Director and Board Chair immediately.
  • Works with Board and committee members to build working relationships that contributes to consensus.


Specifically, you would commit to:

  •  Serve as Chair of the Fundraising & Events Committee.
  • Recruit additional Committee members.
  • Work with the Board, Executive Director, and Community to achieve the fundraising goals of Bounce.
  • Be available when needed as a primary representative of the Board with funders or at meetings in the community.
  • Play a leading role in fundraising and event activities.
  • To be considered for this great opportunity, please provide a cover letter and resume, specific to the organization and position responsibilities, to the Bounce Nominating Committee at: Email Bounce Animal Rescue