There are certain cases that completely enrage us. Eyeballs twitching, veins in the forehead throbbing, scheduling another therapy session, pouring a 15th drink, you know. And now we present one of those cases: The Trash Bag Puppies.

Uh huh, trash bag. The three pictured puppies were found off the side of the road, abandoned in a trash bag. (WHO PUTS PUPPIES IN A TRASH BAG. Enter a slew of four lettered cuss words.)

The poor things were aged at 4 weeks of age (the appropriate age to have a puppy leave its mother is 8 weeks), and diagnosed with giardia, worms of every kind, dehydration, emaciation, and demodex mange. With their chances of survival being extremely guarded, Bounce took the plunge. (Because, obviously.)

Also pictured, is what four weeks of foster care can do for a dog. They had been cleared of worms, parasites (including giardia), gained over five pounds, and received their spay/neuters. While they were still actively being treated for demodex mange (which is not contagious to other animals/humans and is an extremely simple treatment), they were cleared for adoption. The only attachment was their foster parents’ ugly crying…which, we guess is acceptable, as they have literally brought these puppies back from the dead. (But really, these foster parents are absolutely invaluable. We love and cherish their sacrifice, and no other organization gets them, so bye.)

With that, Bounce happily presents Charm, Chance, and Lucky. From bags to riches, these puppies deserved the ultimate second chance.