Bounce Animal Rescue spent $113,000+ in medical bills to support the 837 animals that passed through our doors in 2018. (This doesn’t even touch expenditures for food, administration supplies, transportation, or various other items that we utilize on an everyday basis!) We’re unbelievably fortunate to have incredible volunteers, fosters, adopters, supporters, and donors to help make this possible. Due in part to their unwavering generosity, we are able to take on numerous medical cases that many municipal shelters cannot – cases such as Auggie.

Auggie came to us starved, terrified, and covered in demodex mange. Auggie was 20lbs underweight and would freeze whenever anyone would try to give him a friendly scratch. Auggie also had one of the worst cases of mange our rescue had experienced. Typically, dogs have mites within their skin that they coexist peacefully with. Because Auggie was so malnourished, his immune system could not properly control the mite populations resulting in significant hair loss throughout his body. After two months of serious veterinary and foster home TLC, he is found his perfect home just in time for the holidays.