Meet Kit! She was a pregnant mom on the euthanasia list from a northern Texas kill-shelter. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for pregnant or nursing dogs to land on the euthanasia list due to the lack of shelter space and resources. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for kill-shelters to perform pregnancy spays in hopes of saving the mom’s life by making her immediately eligible for adoption. An absolutely heartbreaking decision for everyone involved.

Kit dodged this bullet.

While within our care, she gave birth and raised six wrinkly, perfect puppies. Finally, after living 7 months within our foster care system, she found her perfect people. She has been nothing less than spoiled while living in their home. Furthermore, they generously donated an additional $500 with her adoption fee. We will never get over the kindness of our adopters.

We’re so happy we can be a part of stories like Kits. As always, please consider adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating. Your time and efforts do make a difference to dogs like Kit.