Nothing chops our chaps more than individuals that does harm to animals. (Slow drivers in the fast lane, individuals that don’t say ‘thank you’ when the door is opened for them, and shopping carts left in the middle of the parking lot are close runners-up.) Today, we are featuring Kraken, a puppy that suffered harm at a human’s hand. Spoiler alert: This has a happy ending.

Kraken was a 15-week old catahoula/cattle dog who entered our rescue in September 2018. One our New Mexico contacts picked him up, and much to her dismay, discovered he was severely injured. As pictured, Kraken’s back tissue had been completely split open. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact cause of injury, but it’s suspected that he was either dragged from a car or battery acid was poured upon him.

Within his first month of foster care, Kraken underwent oral medications, hydrotherapy, and topical ointments to get him back to tip-top shape. (Our unending gratitude goes to Kraken’s foster home, Amazing Grace Pet Rescue, and Mead Veterinary Medical Center – Dr. John Andrews for helping carve his path of success.)

Even though Kraken’s past hasn’t been an easy one, he turned out to be a spitfire of life and found a home that now explores the world with him.